Emile Atallah

Born in Beirut and wanting to change the world, Emile started his career in the music industry at the age of 19 while he was still studying.

He completed his BA and by that time, he realized that changing the world was not an easy quest. Luring himself into the advertising world, he first started with Y&R DUBAI where he had the chance to work and challenge himself on a multitude of brands from Airlines, & Fashion to Financial institutions & Real Estate and was nominated as one of the new faces to watch in the Middle East in 2004.

After spending four fruitful years at Y&R, he decided it is time to get more out of the industry. He then completed his MBA while he was working with Saatchi & Saatchi for two years. Emile got closer to his goals where he had the chance to work on what seems to be his passion, Socio-political and Public Awareness communication. He also expanded his portfolio in the Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Media throughout the region. During his time at Saatchi, Emile was fortunate enough to explore an avenue of communication new to him. Namely, brand creation/corporate identity.

Emile then decided to move back to Dubai where he joined Lowe Mena in 2007 to work on a portfolio of brands such as Nokia, Apple, Johnson & Johnson and various other categories.

He then joined Y&R Dubai and assumed the role of Head of Planning and was acting as an Executive Director on Coca-Cola and Land Rover along with some other brands like EMAAR and Chevron. 

Emile finally found his calling when he accepted his latest challenge…to be the Managing Director of FP7 McCann Beirut & Levant.

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