Dalia Younis

Dalia is a medical doctor by training, a content creator and strategist in the development sector by profession, but by passion she’s an independent artist and activist.
Realizing her passion, Dalia began taking music more seriously in 2017. She started many community-based singing initiatives, performed on stage and in churches, wrote her own lyrics, music and arrangements for A Cappella, joined and led choirs and facilitated A Cappella and song writing workshops.
Dalia was featured in national and international media for her different one-of-a-kind projects and ideas. Over the past 5 years, Dalia successfully crafted several artistic innovations and awareness content that appealed to hundreds of thousands if not millions.
Core values of all her projects include voicing the voiceless and creating an enabling and supportive setting that cherishes self-expression, respect and diversity.

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Speaker Details