Ayad Nasser

Ayad Nasser (born November 29, 1970) is a prominent Lebanese entrepreneur; he is co-founder and General Manager of Loft Investments, a twisted creative development brand that elevated architecture to a new level in Lebanon. He drove the company’s international expansion and was behind several major projects in Europe and Lebanon, turning neglect into life. Recently, Ayad Nasser redirected his efforts towards his home country, Lebanon, during the garbage crisis,  where he launched several social and cultural activities, turning art out of garbage, bringing urban dawn 2 with Victoria Latysheva to Lebanon and creating Ouzville and much more areas.
Early life, education 
Nasser was born in Ouzaii, a suburb of Beirut, on November 29th, 1970. His father, a self-made-man and his mother, a European mentality women, separated when he was 6 years old. His mother left Lebanon during the country’s civil war (1975-1990), whereas a young Ayad Nasser stuck by these hard times. 
At the age of 17, he went to Monaco to reunite with his mother after 12 hard years of separation. There he attended Lycée Albert I, worked as a barman, waiter and shuffled other jobs while studying.
At the age of 18, he moved to his own place and became an independent man. 
Nasser returned to Lebanon after the civil war and chose to adopt an unconventional lifestyle by residing in unusual neighborhoods still under tension from the aftermath of the civil war. This approach helped him gain a positive reputation and he quickly established himself as a well-known businessperson.
From thereon, he became a self-though entrepreneur and a self-made man. This lead him to co-found a successful development and investments company baptized “Loft Investments”. The latter quickly became successful through a series of unique projects in Lebanon as well as in France. 
Beginning 2015, Ayad Nasser shifted his efforts on promoting change in Lebanon. He was behind several social initiatives and supported many activities and campaigns from civil society, most notably Urban Dawn II, a unique street art exhibition, which he brought with Victoria Latysheva to Lebanon for the first time
He is currently focused on the country’s urbanism, its people, its environment and its culture.

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