Amira Nessim

Amira Nessim,
Founder of Enty -أنتِ for Digital Content | Content Creator | Social Media Host| Events MC | Certified NLP Life Coach
Amira is the creator and host of the “Enty el Hekaya – أنتِ الحكاية” show on social media, that inspires, motivates, and empowers women in the Arab Region through storytelling.
Amira Nessim is a passionate individual who doesn’t give up on her dreams. After graduating from Mass Communication and perusing many jobs in different fields, she decides to follow her passion for media and established her Digital platform “Enty – أنتِ “where she interviews inspiring figures and create empowering lessons out of their life journey, aiming to create change through positive impact on all female society in our region.
With more than 100 interviews on social media and events coverage, Amira’s effort started to pay off with increasing number of followers on both Instagram and Facebook.
Amira is keen to motivate and support people, to discover their hidden strengths and follow their passion in life, through publishing various short videos conveying self-development and tips based on her in-depth psychology studies on her social media platform.

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