Aly Mazhar

Founder and CEO, BeFit Egypt

Coming from a strong Athletic background, he always had a passion for Sports. Being an ex-professional footballer, Mazhar played in Al Ahly and Arab Contractors Football Club. His exceptional performance got him a full scholarship at Rutgers University where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Finance. 

Starting his work career as a Financial Analyst in EFG Hermes then General Electric, he was on the right path for a traditional corporate growth, while following his passion for Sports. 

Faced by an unfortunate accident that left him in complete bed rest for six months, he was told that he will not be able to resume his Athletic activities any longer. Being the persistent and determined person he is, his drive to excel pushed him to break all social norms and turn his life around. 

In 2013 he founded BeFit Egypt; the now leading health & fitness entity. In three years time, the brand evolved tremendously that it redefined the fitness industry in Egypt; enhancing the life of his own and that of many others.

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Speaker Details