Ahmed Mourad

Born in 1978, Ahmed Mourad is an Egyptian author of thriller fiction, and one of the few mystery / suspense writers in the Arab World.

  • His first novel, Vertigo 2007, has been hailed by Arab media as the first-ever political thriller in the Arab world.   
  • Mourad studied cinematography at the prestigious Cinema Institute in Cairo, and graduated in 2001, with distinction and honor.  
  • His graduation projects included three short films: – The Wanderers  – The Three Papers – On the Seventh Day All three films won awards in film festivals in the UK, France,  and Ukraine

Vertigo :

While working as the personal photographer of The President, Mourad published his first novel, Vertigo, in the winter of 2007. That was a very risky adventure, given the fact that his novel deals with the corruption of politicians and businessmen, prevalent during the Mubarak era.

Vertigo was translated into three European languages: English by Bloomsbury in London, Italian by Marcilio Publishers, and German by Lenos Verlag.  

Serialized on major Arab TV channels in 2012, Vertigo was enthusiastically followed by millions of Arab viewers.       

In 2013, Vertigo won the Italian prize, “Premio per la Cultura Mediterranea”.

Diamond Dust :

In February 2010 Mourad published Diamond Dust, a story that reveals high levels of corruption among the elite classes in Mubarak’s Egypt.   

Like Vertigo, Diamond Dust was published in several European languages:   Italian by Marcilio Publishing, French by Flammarion, and German by Lenos Verlag.  

Diamond Dust is an intriguing mixture of crime, thriller, social, and political all-in-one novel. It reveals the life behind-the-scenes and rampant corruption among social classes and the men of law.. Diamond Dust had been transformed into a movie will be shown in cinemas 2018.

The Blue Elephant :

In October 2012, Mourad published his third novel, The Blue Elephant. It is the number #1 bestselling novel on Goodreads, and has made a big splash as a feature film upon its release in the summer of 2014. The Blue Elephant was shortlisted by the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) for the year 2014. The Blue elephant had been transformed into a movie showed in cinemas 2014, the film became a smash hit at the Egyptian box office, and it has received the highest number of fan ratings for an Arabic film on IMDb, the movie directed by Marwan Hamed and produced by the Albatros Film Production.

1919 :

In march 2014, Mourad published his fourth novel, 1919, a historical thriller about the turbulent events of the 1919 revolution in Egypt.    

1919 is a novel where most of its events take place in year 1919, the Egyptian Revolution against British occupation.. Mourad presented slides of different social classes and walks of life to convey the undertone and aftermath of the revolution, making the reader experience it through semi-fictional characters and honoring forgotten unheard of heroes.

Land of God :

In his fifth novel “Land of the God” Mourad erupting an intellectual volcano in the minds of a nation! A historical novel tells the story of The murder of the high priest and historian Manetho inside an ancient Egyptian temple leads to the discovery of a crucial part of History.  

Winged priest and skilled tracker Kai sets out on a life-threatening voyage he never planned for, in a race against time to try and save his master’s work, chased by the prime minister of the Greek empire who seek to twist the story in his favor.

Deer Hunting Season:

Set in a futuristic post-climate change society (Cairo, 2061) that’s made all the more emphatic by an ominous aura of spiritualism epitomized in the comet’s passing through the sky, Deer Hunting Season tells the story of Nadeem, a biologist specialized in evolutionary psychology. A hardline non-believer, his ideas border on the Freudian concept of the death of God and the birth of the Übermensch1. But Nadeem is also a seducer by nature, a hunter always looking out for his next prey and it’s this particular trait that will make him voluntarily submit to a hodgepodge of scientific and spiritual experiments that will alter his convictions.

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