Ahmed El wakil

Ahmed El Wakil is a full time motoring journalist and radio host. Started
his career in 2009 as a contributing writer for the golbal brand Autocar magazine, only to
become EVO Magazine’s Editor in Chief just three years later. 2013 saw his
start in the digital business by launching Cairo Drive website and online
show. He is now one of the leading automotive vloggers and content
creators in the region.
He gained massive experience throughout his career by testing the latest automobiles and attending a lot of exclusive car events at different parts of the world on a lot of international race tracks which makes him one of the very few certified test drivers in the country. El Wakil is a frequent guest at Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Jeep, Nissan and Shell’s exclusive international events.
He is also one of the main judges for Red Bull CPD drifting Championship, The biggest race series in the region.
2017, he started his radio career through the
infamous multinational NRJ Radio Station hosting his weekly automotive
show 6 Na2lat.

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