Ahmed El Moursy

Eng.Ahmed Elmoursy

Innovation Development Director & happiness by design Contact person
Ahmed Elmoursy is a Real Estate Professional with 22-years’ experience in the Real Estate industry, worked in multi-billion developments, residential projects, high rise buildings and industrial facilities. Worked in private sector in Egypt, the Gulf, North Africa & North America. Worked on Major Developments such as Dubai Festival City, Cairo Festival City, Mediterranean Gate Tunis & Dubai Themed Parks. Worked in Mountain View since 2013, Elmoursy handled the development of I-Ctiy Cairo & I-City October Project.

In 2017 he was appointed head of the newly-created Innovation Development Department for Mountain View, responsible for creating any new products and/or projects.
In 2019 was selected to be the contact person of the newly created methodology “happiness by design” to measure and apply happiness in the built environment, responsible for creating & developing new and suggesting solutions for creating a Return on Everything.
In 2021, ElMoursy was appointed as CEO of the Happiness Sector responsible for delivering the new mission of Mountain View in creating a happy life for their employees, clients and community.

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