Dress the Part, Play the Part: An Intro To Fashion Psychology

Track(s): Fashion, Mental Wellness – Duration: 20 minutes

Engage with the intriguing domain of fashion psychology with Yasmina Nessim, founder
of pstyled and the first business-oriented fashion psychologist. Yasmina’s innovative
work interlinks fashion, mood, performance, and self-expression.
In this keynote, Yasmina will share her journey from notable institutions to luxury fashion
houses, highlighting her groundbreaking research and contributions to style taxonomy
and Fashion AI.
You can also discover how pstyled, a unique venture, utilizes fashion psychology to
amplify well-being. Yasmina will illustrate how strategically curated outfits can stimulate
positive emotions, enhance productivity, and enable authentic self-expression.
Partake in this enlightening session to grasp the transformative power of fashion in
boosting mental health.

Event Details
Event Details
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