Directing the Culture: The Craft & Influence of Music Videos

Track(s): Music, Digital, Production, Economy, Craft, Video – Duration: 40 mins

Join us as we navigate the visual journey from MTV to TikTok – a testament to the
enduring power of visual narratives in amplifying artists’ voices and expanding their
exposure in the music realm.
Our panel, an ensemble of eminent directors, will delve deep into their creative enclaves,
sharing their wisdom on the artistic process, the cultural reverberations of their work, and
the intriguing pivot from long-form to bite-sized content.
Uncover the magic that enables these trailblazers to distill the soul of a track and propel
artists onto new career paths. Get a glimpse into the transformative potential of music
videos in our digital epoch.

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Director & Photographer
Director of Photography


Senior Editor SceneNoise & Artist
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