Unlikely Inspiration: When The Streets Speak

Track(s): Fashion, Photography – Duration: 30 minutes

Ignite your imagination in this fireside chat featuring luxury fashion leaders and artists
essential to the industry.
Venture into the artistic labyrinth of these creators who see the extraordinary in the
ordinary. Uncover the alchemy of transforming simple street aesthetics into opulent
fashion designs and captivating photographic narratives.
How does an overlooked alleyway bloom into a vibrant catwalk? How is the humdrum
spun into visual gold? Waseem and Ismail will peel back the layers of these fascinating
Prepare for a celebration of unconventional inspiration and a tribute to the creative
treasure hidden in our everyday landscapes. We promise it’ll reshape your perception of
inspiration and creativity.

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Founder and creative director of waseem khadra
Waseem khadra


consumer experiences strategist consultant
Event Details
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