Funding Creative Entrepreneurship

Track(s): Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Saudi Arabia, Creativity, Investment – Duration: 30 minutes

See the vibrant and dynamic creative economy from the paradigm-twisting vision of H.E.
Dr. Nabeel Koshak, a leading figure in the Saudi Arabia venture capital,
entrepreneurship, and innovation scenes. With his hands-on experience in angel
investing, launching tech startups, and leading educational institutions, Dr. Koshak has
unique insights into the growth of the creative sector.
In this relaxed and informative session, Dr. Koshak will share stories from his own
journey and explain the ties between creative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and smart
investing. He’ll highlight how these elements can work together to push the creative
industry to new heights.
If you’re a creative entrepreneur, an investor looking at the creative sector, or you’re just
curious about the future of the creative industry, this fireside chat is for you. It’s a chance
to learn from one of the best and prepare for uncertainties and downturns with a fresh

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CEO and Board Member
Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC)


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