A Roadmap to Greatness: Supporting Women To Take Their Business To The Next Level

Duration: 30 minutes

In this enriching panel discussion, we delve into the transformative power of the ‘She’s Next’ initiative, a global endeavor backed by VISA, spotlighting women funding, running, and growing small businesses. Hear from a seasoned financial leader, a banking executive, and a successful entrepreneur, all of whom have been instrumental in driving the success of ‘She’s Next’. And because we’re all bout “Show, don’t tell”, you’ll get to meet one of the women empowered by this massive endeavour!

The session will unpack the initiative’s impact, the challenges faced, the victories won, and the future potential for women entrepreneurs.

Event Details
Owner & General Manager of Green House Co.
Green House Co. for food products
Head of SME Business
The Commercial international Bank ( CIB)
Founder & CEO
The baby garage


Group CEO
KD Group
Event Details
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