Beyond Influencers: How Creative Content Marketing is Dominating the Advertising Landscape

Track(s): Content Creation, Marketing, Advertising, Digital – Duration: 30 minutes

In this enlightening session, industry pioneers from the creative economy delve into the
transformative power of creative content marketing. Discover how the traditional
advertising landscape is being reshaped, shifting from a sales-centric approach to a
value-driven one.
The panelists will explore the evolving mantra of “educate, don’t sell,” discussing how it
has led to more authentic and impactful connections with audiences. We’ll unpack how
creative content marketing is not only dominating the advertising landscape but also
redefining the way brands communicate, engage, and build trust with their consumers.

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Deputy MD
Dentsu MENA
Head of Creative Agency Partnerships and Creative Consultancy - GBS METAP
TikTok - Bytedance
Peace Cake


Tv And Radio Host / Actor
Al Motaheda for media services
Event Details
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