Beyond the Wardrobe: Exploring the Multifaceted Role of a Fashion Stylist 

Track(s): Fashion, Mental Wellness, Brand Collaboration, Product Design – Duration: 40 minutes

We’re bringing Tom Eerebout to take the stage for the first time in Egypt! Come meet him
as he illuminates the fascinating world of fashion styling, product design, their
intersection, and beyond!
Known for his work as Lady Gaga’s stylist and his experience dressing global celebrities.
In 2021, he launched the Antwerp-based company Komono.
This session explores the diverse roles of a fashion stylist, from curating innovative
capsule collections to creating iconic looks for star-studded events. Drawing from
Eerebout’s unique and multidisciplinary experiences, attendees will gain invaluable
insights into the creativity, strategic thinking, and influence involved in fashion styling at
the highest level.

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Fashion director
Tom Eerebout


consumer experiences strategist consultant
Event Details
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