Be The Reference

Track(s): Advertising, Cannes Lions, Digital – Duration: 60 minutes

In an era where we’re often encouraged to draw from and even mimic references, real
creativity can be stifled. How do we break free from imitative tendencies and strive for
Meet Ali Rez, Impact BBDO’s Regional Chief Creative Officer, as he takes us on a
journey into the heart of originality in the creative industry. With a rich background to
draw on, Rez will delve into the importance of being a unique voice, while still
acknowledging the value of learning from—without mimicking—existing references.
This vibrant discussion promises to challenge conventional wisdom, offering a refreshing
look at the interplay of innovation, learning, and the creation of truly impactful work.
Discover how to carve your own path in the creative sector without losing sight of the

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Chief Creative Officer MENAP
Impact BBDO Group
Event Details
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