Youssef Ismail

Youssef Ismail is an independent singer and songwriter. His singing style is inspired by the powerful vocals of black gospel music, which helps him add a unique twist to any genre he takes on.
Born to a musical family of pianists, music instructors, and music producers, Youssef never thought he had a good voice. Nonetheless, he had a passion for singing and performing so he worked hard to study music on his own at every opportunity and before long, he finally left behind his career as a pharmacist to pursue music full time.
Since 2012, Youssef has worked with various music professionals, composing and writing songs for different artists like Nesma Mahgoub and Amr Moustafa. He has also been performing in various self-titled concerts across Egypt since 2019. In addition, he has some experience conducting choirs and he assisted maestro Seleim Sahab in his initiative for musically training orphan children from all across Cairo. Other than that, he recorded several tracks for TV and radio ads as well as government campaigns for social causes.
In 2019, Youssef founded Let’s Go Big, a non-profit musical talent agency dedicated to providing coaching, guidance, and opportunities for young aspiring singers, with the hope to help others with training and job opportunities that he himself didn’t have early on.
During the coronavirus pandemic, Youssef was blessed to have gone viral on TikTok, reaching over 1.3 million followers. He also got the opportunity to star as the lead character, Arlo, in the Arabic dubbed version of the Netflix animated musical film “Arlo the Alligator Boy.”
One of the most inspiring moments for Youssef was when he got to share the stage with one of his idols, Tamer Hosny, in a 2019 performance in Cairo in front of more than 5000 attendees. Since then, Youssef dreamt of expanding his musical career to the commercial scene, hoping that one day he would perform to a large audience of thousands of people and use his music to inspire others to be better versions of themselves.

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