Tamer Tammam

Employment History
• Max Production – Vice Chairman 2016 till 2020
it specializes in artistic production. It produced the following series:

  • 30 youm
  • Zizo
  • EL- Rehla

• Roots for outdoors – Vice Chairman 2010 till 2017
Chairman 2017 till Present
one of the biggest specialized leaders agencies in the OOH in Egypt and also a part of a large network of boutique agencies, each of which specialize in different industries providing adverting services that are second-to-none across all channels of communication & customer experience.
• Promo Print – Vice Chairman 2010 till 2017
Chairman 2017 till Present
it specializes in the production & printing of outdoors, light boxes and commercial printings.
• Tasnee3 – Vice Chairman 2010 till 2017
Chairman 2017 till Present
is the group’s production facility specialized in all BTL, shop fittings, and signage production.
• Cut Communication – Vice Chairman 2010 till 2017
Chairman 2017 till Present
a full-service advertising agency, with services ranging from creative TVC campaigns, 3D designs and production, to on-ground activations and exhibitions stands.

Partner in all of the above companies and also partner in POD / Media World / D-media.

• Al Arabia United – Chairman 2022 till Present
a new company in the Egyptian market, founded by a number of reputable advertising companies in the region (Egypt and the Middle East) with the aim of transforming the outdoor advertising industry all over Egypt to a digital OOH advertising market.
• Prime Outdoor – Vice Chairman 2011 till 2017
Chairman 2017 till Present
company specializes in designing, installing, managing and renting outdoors.
• Entourage – Chairman 2021 till Present
is creating to provide superior client servicing unparalleled to the market offerings, coupled with a strategic & creative solution, creating a unique experiential events journeys.

• Merge Plus Education – Co-Founder and Board Member 2017 till Present
building, operating and managing a series of innovative and state-of-the art schools, by getting Repton International School “Abu Dhabi” to Cairo
• Promo Future Advertising – Chairman and Co-Founder 2005 till 2009
• Background Education 1998 till 2002
graduated from faculty of Dentistry – Cairo University

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