Tamer Mortada Abdelsalam Mohamed

Director / Executive Producer Chairman OF AROMA STUDIOS Group CAIRO & DUBAI
Chairman and Executive producer of AROMA studios group.
AROMA studios is an award winning studio and is recognised as one of
the leading studios in the middle east, producing outstanding quality with important topics.
In 2002, Aroma was established by TAMER MORTADA and quickly emerged as a leading company in visual effects (VFX) and post-
production. Aroma Studios expanded its services in 2010 by diversifying into content production and forging partnerships with multiple producers for high-end projects in Hollywood and the Middle East. The expansion allowed Aroma to broaden its horizons and undertake more ambitious projects. Today, Aroma continues to be at the forefront of the VFX and post-production industry, delivering top- quality services to its clients worldwide.

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Speaker Details