Shahira Akel

General Manager, DDB Egypt

Shahira has been in advertising for over 14 years with experiences across many different industries covering a  portfolio of business across different industries across the years.  She has managed to expose herself to several agencies both local & Multi- National through the years of which were Memac Ogilvy, Synergy, TNC, and JWT. Shahira has a total of 7 years in the telecom industry  – mostly handling Vodafone Egypt business across two different agencies.

Shahira has returned to the Tarek Nour Group after a few years away to manage the DDB agency in Cairo. Shahira holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo. She enjoyed a stint as Assistant Editor in Egypt’s Insight Magazine, prior to graduating and moving into the advertising world.

Shahira was awarded a Cannes Gold for the successful Vodafone Fakka Campaign in addition to over 25 International awards inclusive of Dubai lynx, Mena Cristal, D&DA, Effies, Warc, Contagious, and many more .  Across the years Shahira was awarded a Varity of Mena Cristal & Dubai Lynx awards for work developed for Vodafone and the other brands she has worked on.

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