Sally Soliman

Dynamic Advertising, Film Production and Broadcast Professional | Conceptual Thinker | Fostering Creative Collaboration | OTT Platforms Content Provider

A nimble, fluid media visionary with 20+ years of extensive experience in Communications Strategic Planning, Storytelling, Creative Collaboration, Film Production and, most recently, OTT Entertainment Formats – all with a forte in operations management: leading companies and complex projects from concept through to completion.

Restlessly driven by curiosity, and a passionate need for excellence, two core competencies that early on in my career drove me into the Tarek Nour Group as its linchpin for 17 years; playing the role of Tarek Nour’s successful professional confidante on diverse project launches including, but not limited to, Al Kahera Wal Nas’s inception, initiation and characterization, where I assumed the role of an effective communicator of his vision on every level to achieve corporate objectives with a successful track record on the TV station, as well as all other assigned projects & company expansions across the years. Under his wing, I also set a track record in the film production’s business unit increasing revenues by expanding the client base into the Gulf, establishing a warehousing & casting software and expanding the team count into a full-fledged independent production house.

Eventually, upon the digital transformation of the media industry, and in honor to my core value of self-development and actualization, Tayarah World is my most recent professional destination choice – it being Egypt’s digital veteran brand name. Today, I head their PLAY business unit, with the objective of sustaining and scaling the brand, by positioning it as one of the key players in the entertainment scene – an industry booming in the region – with a focus on serving the OTT platforms, as well as the development of National TV content formats. Within this role, together with the co-founders, we are re-shaping entertainment in the region, and actively becoming a part of writing the history of the industry’s creative and production evolution in alignment with the digital transformation of the CONSUMER.

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