Osama Kamal

Ossama Kamal is one of Egypt’s top TV and Radio anchors, currently running a 3-hour current affairs TV show 4 day a week on the main channel of the renowned DMC network. In addition,Kamal appears on Radio Hits 88.2–part of the Nile Radio Network–5 days a week for onehour each day. His radio show is titled من غير سياسة – in English “Without Politics”–mainly addressing community issues, foremost among which youth in the different domains. He won awards for best anchor from different organizations and publications 2013 – 2017 and earlier won the EBU award and the Golden Agreno Award.
Ossama Kamal has been in the media business for more than 35 years, working on national radio and television since 1982 in news reading, program presenting, and appeared also with programs on the Saudi channel MBC and on the renowned channel “AlQahera Walnas” 2013 – 2016.
Ossama Kamal originally studied simultaneous interpretation at Al Azhar University – the most  renowned Islamic University in the world-and accordingly worked in the field for many years alongside media. In addition to practicing simultaneous interpretation, Kamal was a tutor of that topic both at the American University in Cairo and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, 1989 – 1999.
Ossama’s private business is also diverse. He is the founder and owner of:
oTradefairs International that organizes trade fairs, including – among others:
o Cairo ICT – a leading technology event, held annually under the auspices and in the presence of H.E. the President, now in its 22 nd round
o PAFIX – the e-payment and Financial Inclusion Expo, now in its 5 th round
o IntelliCities – the intelligent cities and smart communities event, in its 4 th year
oMercury Communications – a leading Integrated Marketing Communications agency, serving clients such as Orange, Cisco, HP, Xerox, Huawei, e-finance and others
oMercury VS – the leading video post-production and visual effects studios
oPublisher ICT Business Magazine – the only such magazine in both English and Arabicin Egypt

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