Nora Ferneine

The soul of an artist with a brilliant business brain

Nora grew up in a family of artists. Her art background, doubled by her business education, allowed

her not only to understand the creative department, but to be a remarkable asset among clients.

After graduating with honors from the Lebanese American University with double BAs in Graphic and

Digital Design and Business Marketing at the age of 19, Nora started her career as an art director in Beirut and evolved into a remarkable account leader for Dubai agencies, working on $12 million annual businesses. Nowadays, as VMLY&R Dubai Client Servicing Director, Nora is handling all major current and new business while helping create innovative business solutions and award-winning ideas. With diverse assignments, Nora got the chance to immerse herself in different cultures. She has lived with families in Pakistan, worn the veil in Saudi Arabia, listened to the stories of Arab expats in Brazil, shot with the upcoming youth in Jordan, survived the upheavals in Iraq, climbed the mountains of Oman and encouraged the Palestinian Woman’s National team.

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Speaker Details