Nohier ElSamny

A Passionate Strategic, Certified and Experienced hands-on project BIM Digital Construction Manager/Architect of 13 years of experience in the AEC industry, in addition to working passionately in managing initiatives and developing businesses, and playing music & singing since i was 4!
I’m 2010 Graduate of Ain-Shams University, Faculty of Engineering.
I’m currently and proudly on the level of my profession the “Head of Development” in Square Engineering Firm; handling the corporate Digital Transformation integrational approach, data- & technology-driven Strategic Management and Business Development; out of expertise in BIM Management, Digital Construction, Business & Project Intelligence through processes’ automation and project controls.

My direction is always towards unity through wholeness; uniting knowledge, integrating, pushing boundaries and unlimiting beliefs for achieving balanced n sustainable success from all.
It’s about a continuous self-development path, strong belief through learning, insistence n persistence.

In other words,
Thinking holistically and analytically..
& I love integration and development…. & MUSIC!

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Speaker Details