Noel Chateau

After graduating as an engineer in physics from Centrale Marseilles in France, Noel complemented his education with an MSC in Mechanics and a PhD in Psychophysics from Aix-Marseilles-II University. He joined the Orange Group in 1997 as an R&D researcher at Orange Labs, working in various domains such as voice and video quality, man-machine interfaces, Customer eXperience (CX), M2M and IoT, being the author of more than 30 international scientific communications, 2 patents and 1 ITU-T standard.

Noel moved to Egypt in 2013 to join Mobinil as Head of CX, leading in parallel the commercial rebranding of the company to become Orange Egypt in March 2016. Following the acquisition of the 4G license by the company in October 2016, he led the 4G launch program till August 2017.

In August 2017, Noel became Chief Marketing, Communication, Customer Service and Strategy Officer at Orange Liberia where he undertook a profound transformation which led the company from being a challenger in 2017 to being the leader in 2020 with 66% of market value share.

On August 1, 2020, Noel was appointed Chief Transformation and Operational Efficiency at Orange Egypt. He is in now charge of the company’s operational efficiency, major transformation programs, corporate strategy, digital and data, as well as Orange Cash activities.

Apart from professional activities, Noel is also passionate about creativity into two domains: music, composing for various dance shows and multimedia installations, and cooking, mixing tastes of the world.

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