Nada Sameh

Senior Media Planner, Starcom MediaVest Group

Nada Sameh, a senior media planner at Starcom MediaVest group, a creative machine and a travel addict. Now, at the age of 23, she leads on the planning of the biggest of Mondelez portfolio, the chocolates category, overlooking Cadbury dairy milk, Moro, Mandolin as well as the beverages category.

Nada started her career right after she graduated from MIU with a business administration degree majoring in marketing and a minor in advertising. Her first year in Starcom was the most challenging, having to digest all the experiences, knowledge and learnings from people around her to be able to prove herself, step up to the pace of such big brands and convincing her client of applying her creative twists to brands activities. Her passion and thrive to pass through the challenging work of such a strategic account and fighting to get her ideas approved has granted her the fast recognition and her client’s trust.

Nada believes that there is nothing called a boring day in media, every day there is something new, a new challenge, a new opportunity. She believes that we always have the power to turn something ordinary to extra ordinary. This kind of energy is reflected in her daily work on the brands, her creative thinking, along with her passion of art, yoga and fashion that help her to add a unique edge to her brands.

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