Mohamad Mashish

Executive Director, Beelink Productions

One of the Owners and the Executive Director of Beelink Productions the one of a leading TV production and distribution company in the MENA region, located in Dubai Media City, UAE.
Mashish is leading the drama production. And he has produced a range of critically acclaimed drama shows over the past few years, among which:

For Ramadan 2016: “Grand Hotel”, an adaptation of the Spanish format under the same name, starring an A class assemble cast from Egypt.

“Heba Regel el Ghorab Season 2”, an adaptation of the format “Ugly Betty”, featuring Nahid Sebai.

“Wanous”, an original script featuring “Yehia el Fakharani” the award winning prominent Egyptian actor known for roles in many films and TV series.

October 2015: “Justice”, Mashish produced an Emirati Judicial series of 20 episodes; the filming took place in the UAE.
For Ramadan 2015: “Tariqi”, an adaptation of the Columbian format “The Voice of Freedom”, which introduced the viewers to the famous Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab in her debut TV role. The series aired during Ramadan 2015 to record breaking unprecedented viewer appeal and exceptional critical acclaim all over the Arab world.

“The Nightmare”, an original script starring the award winning Egyptian actress, Ghada Abdulrazek.

For Ramadan 2014: “Love Story”, an adaptation of the Argentinian format “Forever Julia” starring the super star Cyrine Abdul Noor.
“The First Lady” starring Ghada Abdulrazek .

For Ramadan 2013:“Game of Death”, in which Beelink Productions presented Cyrine Abdul Noor.

Moreover Mashish is currently developing 3 scripted formats and 1 original concept for production end 2016 and during 2017. These 4 series will be airing across the MENA region.

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