Magd EL Sherif

With over 15 years of brand building knowledge after working for international advertising firms.

Magd had a specific goal in mind: to create a top-notch creative team with an emphasis on establishing brands and forging distinctive identities that would spur development throughout the MENA region.

He co-founded the branding agency matter, which swiftly garnered popularity and trust and rose to the top in the MENA area.

Magd takes great delight in creating one of the most imaginative teams in the area. Having received numerous international honors, including D&AD, The Dieline, Transform, A’Design Awards, Sharks, clio, and Lynx to mention a few.

Valuing creativity and its impact on the entire eco-system, especially in the wake of the Arab spring, he became committed to imparting knowledge to others.

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Speaker Details