Karim El-Sahy

Karim Elsahy is a winning angel investor & serial entrepreneur with a current emphasis on ai, bots,and conversational commerce.
Karim started and lead several successful companies; the first of which,founded in his early twenties, employed more than 400 people with offices globally. More recently Karim founded Genius Ventures (Genius.VC), a VC firm which was itself also acquired (Sawari Ventures). Karim is a Kauffman Fellow and is currently the Founder and CEO of Elves – the popular Human Assisted AI startup.
Karim is married to Abeer, whom he still considers his college sweetheart, and has two crazy Bohemianesque boys. They divide their time between SF and Cairo.
Connect with Karim here – https://angel.co/karim_elsahy

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