Kamal Mouzawak

Board member of the Slow Food foundation for biodiversity, 2005 – 2007

New Hero, 2008 (MONOCLE magazine)

Arab World Social Innovator, 2009 (Synergos)

Ashoka fellow, 2011

Prince Claus Laureate, 2016
Kamal Mouzawak is a culinary activist and the founder of Souk el Tayeb: an institution dedicated to revitalising and celebrating Lebanon’s rich culinary heritage. The son of a farmer, Kamal Mouzawak’s passion for food and sustainable agriculture began at an early age. After graduating as a graphic designer, Mouzawak followed a culinary path as a cookery teacher, food activist and writer.
Mouzawak founded Souk el Tayeb in 2004. As Beirut’s first organic farmers’ market, it offers ethically sourced produce from all regions of Lebanon. Souk El Tayeb’s weekly farmers’ market has expanded to include Food & Feast regional festivals, education and awareness programs and farmers’ stores (Dekenet Souk el Tayeb). In 2009, Mouzawak launched Tawlet Beirut; a cooperative kitchen for farmers and home cooks to present their produce and dishes to the public. There are now five Tawlet kitchens in Lebanon. The most recent development within Souk El Tayeb are the Beits: guesthouses which celebrate local produce and regional heritage. Souk El Tayeb has three Beit guesthouses in Lebanon. Finally, since 2012 Souk El Tayeb’s Capacity Building Project has worked with numerous organizations (including the UNHCR and the ILO) to provide catering and agricultural training to underprivileged communities, to equip them with the skills to start their own businesses.

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