Ibrahim Hamdy

Ibrahim Hamdy is the CEO and Managing Director of Arabhardware, whose career began at a very early age when he founded Arabhardware’s online forum at 13. After four years, the followers base grew even more significant, so he launched the main portal for Tech and Gaming content.
Ibrahim graduated with a BSc. Degree in Computer Science in 2009 followed by a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and Executive Courses on Sales and Marketing.
Ibrahim has been appointed as a Digital Content Consultant at ITIDA – Ministry of communications in Egypt since 2020. Several companies have approached him for his content consultancy expertise. He instantly became an Executive Board Member and Partner at GBarena, the most major esports platform in the MENA region.
Arabhardware now has over 80 Employees, 3 Offices and launched an Online Store for Hardware and Gaming Prehirals in 2020 with sales of over EGP 25M+ in its first year.

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