Hisham Nagi

Since early childhood, Hisham has realized his love to advertising and no wonder he has taken it as a career for the past 19 years.  Hisham started his career in marketing research and jumped soon after to the first advertising opportunity to kick start his career in advertising handling Unilever brands for three years.

In 2001, Hisham joined FP7 Cairo and escalated the career ladder to lead various teams as a Group Account Director. 

Throughout his career, Hisham has handled major clients and built distinctive advertising campaigns; covering a wider range of categories including but not limited to telecom, automotive, banking, real estate, FMCG and charity. 

Hisham is a communication dedicated talent with a vast advertising experience, who has helped in transforming clients’ businesses and provide them with total marketing and communication solutions assuring client’s business.  

Today Hisham is leading the team handling EG Bank at FP7/CAI.

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