Engy Radwan

A graduate of the American University in Cairo with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry.  Founder of Everything Restaurants, a company specializing in F&B consultancy. I worked with numerous startups and helped them open their dream businesses over the years and also worked with some key players in the market since 2003.

As a restaurant consultant, I take on turnkey projects offering comprehensive solutions for investors entering the F&B arena. From idea and concept development to menu engineering, from branding to interior design and location finishing, from supplier soliciting to staff hunting and training and all the way to pre and post opening marketing. I also offer customized services for existing businesses offering tailored solutions to enhance their operation and performance.

I am lucky to be one of the very few ladies in the field doing what I do and I enjoy the challenge I get with every project I sign. My job allows me to meet with different people from different backgrounds and professions and enjoy the non-routine kind of job that it is. I learn from every client and every project and do my best to make the client’s journey less risky and hassle-free.

I will be moderating the panel at the Food Track this year and we will be discussing “Customer experience”, one of the most important topics in the hospitality field. We will learn how the experts in the market see it and work on delivering the best experiences to their customers.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details