Rana Anwar

Rana holds a double degree, BA in business administration( from MIU) BA in international business from  Heilbronn university of applied sciences in Germany, with a marketing concentration. Upon graduation Rana diverted from her studies and passion for marketing,  discovering a new passion which is working with kids with special needs, specifically kids who are on the Autism spectrum. This experience developed her personality, her communication skills and has really flourished her emotional intelligence capabilities.

Rana has 15 years of experience in the marketing field, with a very  diversified marketing experience in different industries, her marketing career started off in Juhayna followed by  British petroleum, National bank of Egypt, General Motors and currently Bel Egypt. Rana is a mainstream marketer yet  with the major shift that took place in Egypt shifting the  marketing paradigm to digital, Rana evolved developing her digital marketing skills through research and courses integrating digital and traditional marketing. Rana led the digital transformation in big companies such as General motors and  Bel Egypt. Rana currently has a transversal role, leading on media, CSR, CRM and PR for all Bel brands.

At the beginning of the COVID-19, Rana launched the La vache qui rit  “family laughter box” a box filled with traditional games, a great initiative that empowered millennial mothers with happy memories from childhood to power their family to choose to stay home, stay safe and create happy memories. The box became a social trend, and a source of positivity and boasting on social media.

When Rana is not a marketer, she is a lot of other things. She is a mother to  2 beautiful kids Amina (6) and Mahmoud (5), She is backpacker and extreme sports enthusiast, she is a hardcore philanthropist and  a renowned a baby and kids photographer.

Rana is a firm believer in the power of marketing, she believes that “If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy”. Rana is a very creative dynamic and daring character, she loves to challenge the norms and venture into the unknown.

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