Cherif Morsi

Born 1971, Belgium

Studied architecture at Cairo University from which he graduated in 1994.
In 1999, while practicing architecture, he stumbled upon the international design competition organized by Alessi, the famous Italian household name. The competition’s theme was “Objects For Life On The Go”
His entry, Yoyo torch, was a finalist along with 10 others out of more than 750 international ones and eventually
received a Special Mention. That was his very first contact with product design or rather design.

From that moment, Cherif understood the essential link between architecture and all other design fields. He therefore is a staunch believer all fields of design are intricately connected and a “designer”, as a vocation,
should strive to be able to surf between any given field of design, each with its challenges and complexities, through a rigorous work methodology that makes this mixing possible and successful.
All kinds of design strengthen each other considerably and each bring new approaches and solutions to the other.

Cherif is one of a handful of designers from the Middle East to have designed products & furniture for some of the most respected international design powerhouses and brands such as Sawaya & Moroni
(, Italy), Covo (, Italy), Droog Design (, The Netherlands) etc.
His products have been featured at the biggest most influential design fair in the world, the Milan Fair since 2004
till our present day on a yearly basis, a testimony to Cherif’s design abilities and ever present profile.

He thrives to be a design protagonist through his insatiable desire for all kinds of design.

He likes his work to fall under the banner “Creative Simplicity” which is clear in his approach and is the link between all of his projects to date.

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