Amr El-Tobgy

Amr is a Business Mixologist, passionate about ideas, people and businesses with the potential to create positive impact. His most recent corporate post was with Unilever as Global Innovation Director based in the UK and he has had an accomplished career with over 25 years of experience across a diverse range of industries. He is a global citizen with experience in developing and growing international brand franchises like Dove, Axe, Clear, Lipton, Clorox and Dettol across diverse markets including; Egypt, GCC, Levant, India, Turkey, UK, USA, France and Russia, many of which he has had an immersive working and living experience.
Currently Amr is a partner in Bolt Insight and the official representative of Cannes Lions in Egypt, the largest and most prestigious global platform for inspiring and celebrating creativity. In addition, he is a consultant, design thinker, business coach and public speaker who works with a diverse range of corporate, governmental, entrepreneurial and developmental organizations which include; Nestle, Jamjoom Pharma, Hayel Saeed Anam Group, Minlo, My Way, Scenti, Du Telecom, Ministry of Solidarity, Egypt Ventures – Ministry of Investment, Creative Industry Summit, MIT Arab Forum for Refugees, Drosos, CARE Egypt, AUC Centre For Entrepreneurship. His areas of expertise cover; Innovation, Strategy, Branding, Advertising, Consumer Insight & Research, Story Telling and Personal Branding.
Amr is the Campaigner ENTP personality: Intuitive, change catalyst, creative, problem solver, enthusiast, abstract thinker, dot connecter, challenger and motivator who is passionate about empowering people and businesses.

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Speaker Details