Alaa El-Kahky

Alaa El Kahky is a media icon, with more than just being a media owner/expert in the Egyptian Media. He dedicated all his professional life to serving nothing but the Media Industry,across various platforms & concessions for more than 20 years. He aims to introduce innovative content for the audiences & advertisers in the market.
Apart from his role in providing mass media content – his focus was capitalizing on the fact that media is the most powerful tool that addresses the masses.Based on years of experience and understanding the current and futuristic market needs – He is rapidly introducing new genre’s that are always entertaining and enlightening the viewers. He also presented unique content that had arole in awareness &  social responsibility towards the Egyptian Community nationwide.
One of the major milestones of his career kicked off with the launch of Al Nahar TV Network. He has combined his experience and invested in Al Nahar Network which was launched in 2011.
Since then, his passion, productiveness & expertise were dedicated to the achievements of the station. Since Al Nahar TV network was launched,it maintained a progressive ranking in terms of viewership and continues to improve each year. His main aim is to continue the success story of AlNahar TV & ensure a successful presence for the station in GULF / MENA region.

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