Ahmad Abdalla

An Egyptian Filmmaker and part of the new wave of independent cinema in the MENA. Originally studied music, then in 2009 he directed his first feature film “Heliopolis” which was one of the first independent Egyptian films to be released theatrically in Egypt.
Then came his second “Microphone” which was selected among the best 100 Arabic films in history by Dubai Film Festival and won over 20 international awards.
He then directed “Rags & Tatters” in 2013, “Decor” in 2014, “EXT/Night“ 2018.
His latest films have been selected in many prestigious film festivals such as Toronto IFF, London BFI, Singapore IFF, São Poulo  IFF, and won many awards such as Golden award in Cinemed Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier, Golden Tanit in Journées cinématographiques de Carthage, Golden Tulipe is Istanbul IFF festival.

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Speaker Details