May Kamel

From the labs where she majored in pharmacy and biotechnology, all the way to conquering the dark side of the Internet, May followed her passion for digital media in 2012. 

 May’s prowess in the digital and social content realm is founded on 4 years of experience at OMD Egypt, launching and growing a plethora of reputable brands such as Vodafone, Henkel, Mercedes Benz, Hair Code and Misr El Kheir Foundation.

Through it all, May’s most evident talent is getting right to the heart of audience’s needs and hitting the mark.

 In June 2016, May joined Bravo Agency/TMG in pursuit of her human-centric content marketing passion. Her purpose is to breathe bursts of fresh air into the ever-evolving digital advertising world, while arming brands with the attractiveness needed in the future media world where users are empowered to tune out advertising messages.

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