Aziz Aljasmi

Aziz Aljasmi is a Kuwaiti film, commercial director. He began his career producing and directing television shows for local channels before moving into directing commercials for leading Middle East-based brands. He received several awards including the Cannes Lion, Dubai Lynx, and MENA Cristal. He was listed as one of the top 10 directors in the Middle East in 2019 by the B&W report.

Aziz Aljasmi was born in Kuwait . He is the youngest of eight siblings.

He developed a passion for films at a very early age during the first Gulf War when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Confined at home, he would spend his days watching Arabic and western films.

In 2011, Aljasmi became the director of Cinemagic Kuwait, a boutique production house catering to film, TV, and visual media . He earned his first awards in 2013 taking home gold and silver awards from the MENA Cristal Awards and two bronze awards from Dubai Lynx. In 2017, he gained a gold award from Dubai Lynx, and a bronze award from the Cannes Lion. In 2018, he was recognized with a silver award from Dubai Lynx

During his tenure at Cinemagic Kuwait, Aljasmi led the production house to recognition in the Middle East.

Aljasmi is currently directing his first theatrical musical production in association with Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (JACC) in Kuwait.

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