What are the C-S Products ?

Dare to lead the creative economy with our various products that we offer. Engaging and targeting multiple segments to expand the scope of creativity helping the growth of creative thinking skills and contributing in the creative economy.

Conferences & Festivals
3-4 days celebration for Creativity in all industries, our festival covering all aspects of the creative economy by offering more than 24 tracks to display over and above the workshops, panels, talks, activations, entertainment and performance.
C—S | Riyadh Edition
Taking the Egyptian creativity to KSA with our Regional Edition, 3 days event that will bring together advertising, communication and marketing scene from both KSA & Egypt. A series of talks, exhibitions, workshops, networking events & opportunities will be the awaiting program in this unique experience to strengthen the communication and advertising between the two countries.
The official streaming platform for C—S to keep the people informed about the activities of our platform and present various online content and programs that target entertainment, knowledge, education, business news and much more.
She Strikes
Women empowerment & acceleration program to highlight the influence and the role of each and every “ she “ who succeeded and made a difference in her field.
Ensuring a proper flow of knowledge, our series of students workshops assist in passionate interaction and active participation with some of the best business leaders boosting the skills and expertise of students in various topic and majors.
University Pop-Ups
Far from the tradition, we provide new events areas in Universities that could be pop up entertainment nights or inspirational talks.
Networking Nights
Hosting networking events and afford opportunities to open a discussion that can lead to new ideas, new direction, and some motivation.

Education Template


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