Ahmed Hanafi

Founder of TLT Concepts
Through immense passion, skill, and bespoke love for hospitality, Ahmed Hanafi founded TLT Concepts along with his spouse; Chef Mirette Aly. Both determined to change the course of hospitality in Egypt, they have contributed to cultivating and refining the service sector by creating a diversified contemporary portfolio ranging from Hospitality to Lifestyle brands, serving a market with sophisticated tastes and dynamic preferences.

Over the course of 9 years, Ahmed Hanafi has successfully established numerous projects across Egypt and internationally, from fine-dining restaurants and bars, a renowned beach club, a high-end boutique hotel, retail concept stores, and several real-estate ventures that are currently coming to life. Hanafi’s projects also include a series of events, from TLT Events & Entertainment and music festivals to brand collaborations and seasonal celebrations.

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September 27, 2022
1:45 pm
Track: Innovation  As of 1Q 2022, 85 hotels containing around 21.3K rooms are under development in Egypt according to a survey of 42 African developers by W Hospitality Group. That’s more than 25% of all hotels planned in Africa! It’s...