The Saudi Creative House Where a Bit of Ink Makes Everything Link

Track: Creativity in KSA

Saudia Arabian creative house, Habbar, is a purpose-driven believer in the role that creativity and humor can play in changing narratives. Narratives, in turn, affect what and how we think, which affects—ultimately—what we do …

And that’s not merely a vision or mission statement. There’s hard evidence …

From perspective-altering campaigns on ageism, and racism, to captivating ones tackling scam calls in a new light—their portfolio feels effortless. And you could definitely tell it’s created by someone who understands Saudis. But it’s also easy to get and enjoy if you don’t.

Bandar Altuwairqi, Habbar’s Executive Creative Director, is coming to the Creative Industry Summit’s Annual Festival to discuss the ups and downs of their creative journey and the impact they achieved.  

Meet Altuwairqi to scrutinize Habbar’s work and gain insights on how they put it together and what results they attained! 

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Event Details