The Biggest Tech Investment Since The Internet

Track: Tech & AI & Entrepreneurship

We’re all probably familiar with Blockchain to some degree at this point. At the most superficial level, it’s that thing Bitcoin and NFTs are built on. But no one will be trying to persuade you to invest in cryptocurrency or digital art during this Fireside Chat. 

Instead, the panel is about how blockchain possesses the power to drastically change our lives and how we do things, including in the Creative Economy!

And that’s without the slightest exaggeration…

That’s because blockchain is a decentralized system of storing data that makes it nearly impossible to hack, manipulate, or cheat. In a mature blockchain system—unlike data on the internet—it’s also impossible for a single entity to control it!

Here’s a mind-blower for starters: the computational power of the Bitcoin blockchain is estimated to be more than 800 times greater than the whole Google system!

But its potential is far greater and more versatile than to be crammed into the NFTs and cryptocurrency corner…

That’s why Naemat Khalil, the Chairwoman of The Worx and the Founding Partner of the Creative Industry Summit is having this exclusive Fireside Chat with Mona Hamdy, the Chief Strategy Officer of Sino Global Capital (SGC).

SGC are strategic investors for best-of-class and international blockchain projects. 
Whether you’re looking for the best entry point to the subject or you’re already familiar but want to know where to invest and how to detect the most promising of innovations, it’s unmissable!

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