Purpose & Planet: The Heart Of The Business Model 

Track: Sustainability

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the world’s top FMCG giants, known for incorporating creativity and innovation into each of their 500+ brands, which are spread out across 200+ countries. With many of their products being a staple of everyday life, their influence on the Creative Economy is substantial.

Acknowledging this, the Creative Industry Summit’s Annual Festival is dedicating a Case Study to the global entity. 

Presented by none other than The Coca-Cola Company’s Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability of North Africa, Hala Abd El Wadood, the Case Study is titled “Purpose and Planet: The Heart of the Business Model”.

As the name suggests, the Case Study will revolve around the significance of protecting our planet and being driven by purpose in business. But we can’t reveal much more, so, come see for yourself!

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Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability North Africa
Coca-Cola Atlantic
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