PTSD: Panic To meet your Scheduled Deadline | A Case Study Of ZANAD’s Survival.

Track: Mental Wellness, Film, & Advertising 

Advertising is incredibly stressful, with creative production agencies having to deal with many overlapping projects to secure revenues. 

The most toxic result of this unpredictable workload and ridiculous client requests is that their employees are accustomed to unhealthy working hours and environments. 

But mental wellness and creativity go hand in hand. And so, Zanad—the creative hot shop, full-service and high-end animation studio behind widely recognizable ads—is striving to change that.

To tell us the why and the how of fostering mental wellness in this stressful industry (without breaking the bank), their Founder, Tariq Aly, is having a heart-to-heart with us.

Whether you’re looking to promote a healthier culture in your business or you’re an employee suffering the consequences of toxic leadership, you’ll find true value in Zanad’s story.

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Founder and Director
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