Production Solutions: The Everyday Challenge

Track: Film & Advertising 

Every day, there’s a struggle somewhere in Egypt’s production scene …

Commonly, producers are dealing with seemingly endless trouble—while at the same time—the entities they work with think they could do better.

And then there is this persistent and negative reputation surrounding Egyptian production infrastructure and regulations.

This reputation undoubtedly makes the country’s production miss on big projects from abroad, and thereby losing control of shaping the narrative surrounding Egypt’s portrayal in movies watched by the world.

What’s missing? Does the production function in Egypt need revisiting? 

Is the lack of proper job specialization the issue? Or is it the lack of educational institutions specialized in this area? 

Perhaps the challenges lie in how permits, facilities, and similar factors work for producers in Egypt …?

At the Creative Industry Summit’s Annual Festival, we designed a panel that attempts to answer all these questions.

And to make it as interesting and as comprehensive as possible, we chose production pros with diverse backgrounds and common but specific challenges.

They are:

  • Founder & Executive Producer at Maradona Films, Rasha Hashem
  • Co-Founder & CEO of Faros MP; Alia Abdrabelnaby
  • Founder & CEO of TVision Media Productions, Tarek El Ganayni
  • CEO & Director of Roof Productions, the production company behind WatchIt’s Original prank show Ekhteraa-Khorshid, Raouf El Sayed 

Join and contribute to the conversation aiming to elevate Egypt’s production solutions!

And it’ll be moderated by the Media and Content Expert; Nashwa Khalil.

Meet them at the Creative Industry Summit’s Annual Festival to get a behind-the-scenes look at their endeavors and find out how you can join them in impacting the industry!

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Director & Executive Producer
The Roof Productions
Co-founder & CEO
Faros MP
Founder | Executive Producer
Maradona Films
TVision Media Productions

Media and Digital Transformation Leader
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