Into the Metaverse: The What, The How & The Why

Track: Innovation, Tech & AI

Ahmed Younis, aka Fizo, is MENA’s Creative Shop Lead at Meta, one of the companies that—through its name change alone—is clearly betting its future on the Metaverse.

You’ve probably already heard the Metaverse defined dozens of times online and elsewhere, but this fireside chat is unique.

You’ll be kindly required to leave your preconceived notions on the Metaverse alongside any jargon accompanying it at the door. 

Subsequently, you’ll imagine what it’d be like to spend a day inside the Metaverse’s desirable future. And throughout, we’ll be engaging with Fizo to understand better, dig deeper, or even criticize harder…

In a nutshell, you’ll get your confusions, doubts, and worries about the Metaverse sorted. So, don’t miss it!

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Founding Partner
Creative Industry Summit
Head of Meta Creative Shop MENA
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