Are People Mistaking Gaming for the Metaverse? 

Track: E-gaming & Tech & AI 

Perceiving the metaverse as a game is understandable. Global hits like Roblox and Minecraft seemingly share many of its characteristics: it’s a virtual open world where you can build, socialize, and … just be.

But companies building for the metaverse say it’s more than that. It’s the entirety of the internet reimagined!

At the Creative Industry Summit’s Annual Festival, we’re striving to deepen the Creative Economy’s understanding of the metaverse by getting all different perspectives on board.

This Fireside Chat will focus on the insightful point of view of a gamer.

We invite you to join Christoph Timm, the Cofounder of the prominent European E-sports organization, Nigma Galaxy.

With his gaming expertise, his perspective should illuminate overlooked areas in our understanding of the metaverse 

The metaverse is clearly here to stay, so, we highly recommend your engagement, no matter what your role is in the Creative Economy.

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Co Founder
Nigma Galaxy
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