Firas G. Mghames
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Firas G. Mghames

Founder & CEO of FEER McQUEEN, BEI 

Back in 2011, Firas Mghames began by establishing the branding agency FEER McQUEEN, which quickly moved on to become a trendsetting hybrid creative agency in Lebanon.

As a new industry player, Firas is a young and creative leader with an energy that keeps him challenging the status quo and inspires change. His vision of having creatives, architects, writers, filmmakers, animators, engineers & business consultants under one roof has been translated into a vivid reality with the hybrid creative agency that he heads and manages.

After winning global clients and gaining international exposure, Firas took this opportunity to use FEER McQUEEN as a platform to incubate potential companies, projects, and concepts in emerging industries of the creative & technology fields.
This endeavor resulted in the birth of a young and fresh umbrella of companies, Flag M Group.

He has worked with a myriad of clients, including Bank Audi, BBAC Bank, Danone Group & Swatch Group. His work involves consultancy in creative, business, management, and marketing strategies and directions.